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Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010-08-01 - Saratoga 5K Loop (Broadway-Lincoln-Union)

Since Saratoga Springs is the August Place to be I decided to post this in August. Actually, Saratoga Springs is a great place to walk year round.

On the way to Saratoga for a walk you can drive into the Saratoga Springs State Park and visit the Joe Bruno Pavilion to re-fill your water bottles. There's often a line of people filling multiple gallon (plus) jugs, but they usually allow someone to jump in to fill a single water bottle.

There are quite a few interesting route variations in Saratoga. This walk starts at one of the downtown lots (or the garage) just past Congress St. Park. There is a two hour limit on many of these lots. The walk goes north on Putman Street, over to Broadway, then to Lincoln Avenue. On Lincoln you pass the entrance to Green Ridge Cemetery. Continuing north on Lincoln you come to 5 points, and eventually to Siro's. Lincoln Avenue and Union Ave basically form the apex of a triangle (but you have a short walk on Nelson Ave to get to Union Ave).

On Union Ave, 1st walk east to the National Museum of Racing. At this point I retrace my steps and walk west on Union Ave, looping back to Congress Park. Earlier this year I detailed a 1 mile walk around Congress Park.

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