Recently people have been joining me on my Sunday Walks in Downtown Albany. Typically, I walk in Albany when I'm scheduled as a tour guide on the USS Slater (DE Docent). A slide show and a map are detailed at this blog entry. The USS Slater is now open. I plan on walking in Albany on Monday, Memorial Day, May 27. You can contact me at:

Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010-10-31 Monthly Log

Total Miles logged 135 for October

Walks Included:

  • Local Neighborhood Loop (1.7 - 3.0 miles), 27 times
  • Oakwood Cemetery Loop (3.2 - 6.3 miles), 7 times
  • Downtown Albany (~ 3.2 miles), 4 times
  • Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Lake George (7 miles), 1 time
  • Pebbles Island, Waterford, Cohoes (4.4 miles), 1 time
  • Schyler Meadows, Hudson River, Albany (~ 6 Miles), 1 time
  • Zim Smith - Ballston Spa (~ 4 Miles), 1 time
  • Zim Smith - Round Lake (5.1 Miles), 1 time

2010-10-09 Zim Smith Trail, Round Lake and Back

The Zim Smith is a beautiful trail for casual walks or biking. One of our favorite walks is a 5 mile round trip on the trail, starting at Shenantaha Creek Park to the Village of Round Lake. We combine this trip with a afternoon lunch at the Lake Ridge Restaurant in Round Lake. A 2-1/2 mile trip in builds a great appetite for a fine lunch. The trip back helps justify the dessert.

The slide show details a short loop around Shenantaha Creek Park and the Zim Smith Trail extension to Coons Crossing. After Round lake, the Zim Smith Trail crosses Route 9 and continues to Coons Crossing (another 2 miles). This segment is not paved.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010-10-30 Zim Smith Trail, Ballston Spa

Recently the Zim Smith Trail Extension North to Ballston Spa opened.

My wife and I decided to park a car in Ballston Spa, then drive our 2nd one to Shenantaha Creek Park and walk to Ballston Spa (approximately 4 mile walk). We decided against a round trip of eight miles. The trip is fine, until High Street. This is a fairly heavy traveled street, with some portions without a sidewalk.

Ballston Spa is a pretty interesting place. It's the birthplace of Abner Doubleday, and the Paper Bag. A hundred and eight years ago it rivaled Saratoga Springs as a resort. It is also the home to two museums.