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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011-10-22 Deerfield, Mass

Deerfield, Mass is beautiful little walk and it's a great drive getting there.

We do this excursion a once or twice a year.  Typical route is a loop from Albany Area via the Mass Pike (Route 90), to Route 91 North.  Then a visit to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store.  About ten miles north of Yankee Candle, on Route 5 & 10 you come to Historic Deerfield.  In the center of the village you can purchase a tag that will give you admission to the historic sites and museums in the village.  After the visit we continue north on Route 5 & 10 to Route 2 (Mohawk Trail).  This is a very scenic drive that goes through Williamstown, North Adams and the Petersburg Pass.

This fall, Hurricane Irene caused substantial damage and the Historic Deerfield Inn and the Mohawk Trail were closed.

The Flynt Center in Deerfield has a great collection of 18th-19th Century Artifacts and Antiques.  I was very impressed with the collection of powder horns from the French and Indian War.  Many of these horns were used during the Battle of Lake George.  My Lake George walk passes many of the places where these horns were used.

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