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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011-08-31 - Oakwood (ESCV)

I have walked hundred of miles through Oakwood Cemetery, in Troy, NY. On the morning (9:00 AM) of August 31th, 2011 I will be leading the Empire State Capital Volkssporter Club on a guided walk there. The sign-in is at the parking lot of Ross Valve Tech Park on a 102nd Street.

The full walk is 6 miles in length and involves a climb of 345'. However, some ESCV members will drive to the top, and join the group near the crest of the hill. This will cut the climb to a 100'. The route snakes through the cemetery and there are numerous opportunities to take cut-offs. The length for the group the drives to the top is approximately 4 miles (but there are cutoffs that make the route shorter).

Regarding Volksport Special events - the Cemetery and the Gardner Earl Memorial Chapel and Crematorium are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There route will pass five lakes; two water falls (if there is sufficient flow) ; one outdoor bell; and the site of the Major League Ball park for the Troy Haymakers (the San Francisco Giants). There are also numerous veteran memorials including the General Wool Memorial and the General Thomas Memorial (Nine Civil War Generals, A Medal of Honor Recipient, A crewman from the USS Monitor).

If you're familiar with Goggle Earth I uploaded a KMZ file of the route. You can also view the route on Map My Walk at this link. During the winter I posted a similar route to


  • A-1: Oakwood Gatehouse, Main Office. Start step climb, approx. 200 +.

  • A-2: 2nd Segment of the climb, approx. 100'. 1st Waterfall on right. Pass the Soldier's Plot.

  • B-1: Loop South, Ross Memorial. View of Cohoes Falls. General Wool Memorial

  • B-2: Main Road South, Emma Willard,General Alden, Rice Bull.

  • B-3: Vanderheyden Bell, Gardner Earl Memorial Chapel and Crematorium. Caretaker House

  • C-1: Loop North, Troy Orphan, General Thomas; (Parking for shorter walk)

  • C-2: General Thomas, Le Grand Cannon, Russel Sage, Warren Family Mortuary Chapel

  • C-3: Amos Easton, Captain Levi Smith, George Greer - Loop West

  • D-1: Loop North, Uncle Sam Wilson, Silas Covell, Col. James Clark, Eliphalet Wickes

  • D-2: General Tibbets,The Panorama (100 mile View), Waterfalls

  • D-3: Walk East around Long Lake

  • E-1: Loop North, Hart Family Plot, George Cluett, John Griswold, Jonh Willard

  • E-2: Loop South, John Gurley, Burden Family Plot

  • F-1: Loop North: Cutoff for Group that parked at C-1

  • F-2: Short Loop on Gurley Avenue

  • G-1: South Return on Uncle Sam Bike Path (Old Troy Boston RR)

  • G-2: Turn West through Knickerbacker Park, Troy Haymakers Ball Field

  • G-3: Ross Tech Park

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