Recently people have been joining me on my Sunday Walks in Downtown Albany. Typically, I walk in Albany when I'm scheduled as a tour guide on the USS Slater (DE Docent). A slide show and a map are detailed at this blog entry. The USS Slater is now open. I plan on walking in Albany on Monday, Memorial Day, May 27. You can contact me at:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011-08-31 Monthly Log

In August, I logged 125 miles. Since I started logging my walks 15 months ago (April 2010), I logged 1,973 Miles.

On August 31st I took the Empire State Capital Volkssporters (facebook) on a 10K through Oakwood Cemetery in Troy NY.  Based on feedback I think everyone had a great time.  Some walkers questioned my mileage (in good fun, they thought they should get credit for more than 10k). I used a geo-logger on my android phone to compute the distance, and it was just slightly over 6 miles.

Oakwood is one of my favorite walks.  It's a very beautiful and historic place.  Throughout the year there are guide tours available.  On September 24, Mike Barrett (who gives a GREAT tour) will be leading an excursion that will include the Earl Chapel’s Tiffany windows, Uncle Sam’s grave, and a 100 mile view, as well as ponds, waterfalls, striking gravesite markers and more. To register please call 800-556-6273.

My walks during the month included:

  • Oakwood Cemetery Loop (4.6 - 6.7 miles), 6 times
  • Ross Valve Tech Park - Foundry and Back (also through Oakwood, 4.8 miles), 2 times
  • Neighborhood walks (1.7 - 5.7 miles), 25 times
  • USS Slater - Albany Loop (3.7 miles), 1 time
  • Voorhesville (8.0 miles), 1 time
  • Zim Smith (5.4 mile), 1 time
  • Fort Ticonderoga, Kings Garden  (1.6 miles), 1 time
  • Clifton Park Center - Library Loop (4.1 miles), 2 times

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